2XKO is coming to EVO Japan 2024, April 27–29. Here’s everything to know before you go.

What's 2XKO?

2XKO is the free-to-play 2v2 team fighting game developed by Riot Games featuring champions from League of Legends. 

How do I actually play 2XKO?

The game’s not out yet, but EVO Japan attendees can play the latest demo at the 2XKO booth during the event. Queue up solo to control both champions on your team, or bring a friend to duo with.

**All visitors will need an EVO Japan ticket to attend. Learn more on the EVO Japan website.

Get a crash course on 2XKO’s controls here. (Try saving these images so you can easily access them during the event.)

You can’t play 2XKO from home for now, but our first playtests start later this year. Visit our website to sign up and learn more.

What's new for 2XKO at EVO Japan?

We’ve made some updates to the game since EVO Vegas in 2023. Here’s what you can expect.

  • 5 champions to play, solo or as a duo.

    • Illaoi is playable for the first time ever at EVO Japan. Check out her kit here.

    • Yasuo, Ekko, Ahri, and Darius return from our last demo.

  • 3 stages inspired by the League of Legends universe.

    • Select from Bridge of Progress, Spirit Hills, and The Brazen Hydra.

  • A few upgrades, including:

    • Japanese translations for in-game text.

    • Updated champion animations.

    • Updated in-game UI and visual indicators for health bars, meter, status effects, and more.

What will be at the 2XKO booth?

The booth will feature the playable game demo, merch giveaways, a themed photo booth, and a gachapon machine. We’ll keep the details a surprise for now. (If you really want spoilers, check our socials leading up to the event.)

For the demo, you’ll be able to choose from three types of controllers: fight sticks, gamepads, and Razer Kitsune leverless controllers.

We’ll also host a rotating cast of cosplayers April 27–28, featuring:

All three cosplayers will be at the booth 8:30–9:30 on April 27th and 28th. For the rest of the day, they’ll come and go in pairs. 

**Cosplayers won’t be around on the 29th, so if you’d like a photo with them, stop by before then. 

When will the 2XKO booth be open?

Here's our booth schedule:

  • April 27 | 8:30–22:00

  • April 28 | 8:30–20:00

  • April 29 | 11:30–21:00

Note that lines may be cut off before closing so that everyone waiting has a chance to play.

Where is the 2XKO booth?

EVO Japan will take place at Ariake GYM-EX in Tokyo. The 2XKO booth will be in the north corner of the venue, next to the cosplayer stage.

Where can I sign up to Playtest 2XKO from home?

On our website. We’ll also remind you to sign up at the booth. 

Where can I get updates on 2XKO?

See 2XKO developer updates, gameplay previews, and more on our socials.