We’ve got fireworks, small dragons, lanterns, large dragons, red envelopes, and even more dragons. Welcome to Lunar Festival 2024. As players around the world prepare to celebrate The Year of the Dragon, our games are celebrating with you. 

For all the info on what League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift are doing check out each game's channels. This article is for the highlights across each game with cinematics, skinlines, sets, and more. So finish off your feast, bust out everything red, and let's dive in. 

League of Legends

Porcelain Auelion Sol

Smolder the smol dragon with a new facelift has made his debut in League. He may be cute but his fire is still plenty hot so don’t underestimate League’s newest mage.

Beginning on February 7, Heavenscale hit League of Legends with a new event pass, in-game missions, and skin line featuring a legendary Lee Sin. Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) will also be making a return. Coming on the 22nd is the Porcelain skinline led by a legendary Aurelion Sol. Did we mention there would be dragons? 

Custom Porcelain League Vase

To celebrate the Porcelain skinline, the League team in China is working with Jingde Town, the Porcelain Capital of China, to create a custom League vase. A group of players and a renowned artisan worked together to bring this project to life.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Lunar Festival event

As part of TFT’s Lunar Festival event, Galaxies is back—well, the Galaxies mid-set is! The 3.5 Revival game mode takes us back to a fan favorite set as a treasured gift during the holiday season. It comes alongside a few modern TFTisms like Augments, Portals, and more, so be sure to read all about it in the recent dev blog here

The Lunar Festival wouldn’t be complete without aptly themed cosmetics and a new event Pass. Complete event missions in Galaxies or Remix Rumble to progress along the Lunar Festival Pass, the second-ever unique event pass for TFT which features new booms, Lantern Prancie, a new arena, and more across 16 levels. Get all the details here

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift Lunar Guardian Dragon Lantern skins

Lunar Guardian and Dragon Lantern skinlines see 13 new skins come to Wild Rift. Plus, Arena is back and better than ever for the holiday so grab a duo and battle it out.

He may take offense to being free but you can get Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol simply by playing missions beginning on Jan 25. Hey, when you create the stars themselves you’re allowed a bit of ego.

Aurelion Sol Lunar Guardian

On Feb 8 take your Lunar Guardians and Dragon Lantern champs to the Rift for Lunar Extravaganza which will feature some story-based missions, three ASol chromas, and red packets you can give to other players during the event. 


Over on Alpha Earth, VALORANT is celebrating with the Scales of Fortune event pass and the XERØFANG skinline bundle. Check out the new skins below while Jett and Iso teach Phoenix about the red envelopes.

VALORANT Music Video

The VALORANT team in China is working with rappers, pro VALORANT players, and content creators to create a new music video featuring Cypher.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra - Lunar Lee Sin

LoR is showing up to the party with all new Heavenscale cosmetics! After February 28 head to the in-game shop in Legends of Runeterra to pick up the Heavenscale Lee Sin and Aurelion Sol skins.